What to Bring

How to Pack

The key to staying comfortable on your Alaskan journey is to come prepared for anything. Summer weather at the Outpost can swing from calm, sunny and 80F to 45F, torrential rain and high winds. We fish no matter what the weather, so come prepared for all that mother nature can throw at you! The following is a comprehensive list of the gear we recommend that you bring with you for your week on the Nush. If your trip is early or late season (Jun/Sept/Oct) we would recommend bringing some extra layers: insulated pants for under waders and around camp and a down or synthetic mid to heavy weight jacket.
  • High quality waders/wading boots
  • Waterproof rain jacket
  • Synthetic or wool base layers – top and bottom
  • Synthetic or wool underwear
  • Synthetic or wool mid layers – top and bottom
  • Synthetic upper insulating layer
  • Bug repellent clothing – hoodies like the Simms BugStopper in conjunction with some Deet on exposed skin are what we wear almost every day on the river. Some people bring head nets, but they are not enjoyable to wear all day in the boat
  • Angling Gloves
  • Warm Beanie
  • Fishing Cap
  • Buff
  • Ball Cap
  • Waterproof hat
  • Wool Socks
  • Camera/Phone
  • Camping Shoes – something warm and waterproof
  • Flip Flops – you never know when a warm day will arrive
  • Waterproof Bag for the boat
  • Binoculars
  • Camera/Phone
  • Sunglasses
  • Wader Repair Kit
  • Extra Sunglasses
  • Hand & Lip Care
  • Six Weight Rods – great for throwing dry flies at hungry grayling, or in a pinch throwing smaller streamers.
  • Seven Weight Rodsget the most use at the camp. You’ll spend most of your day throwing streamers and bead rigs, so a seven weight will make your week of casting heavy flies and fighting strong fish more enjoyable.
  • Eight Weight Rodsare also great for big streamer/bead rigs, and are not ‘too much’ rod for fishing the Nush.
  • Two Handed Rods – The Nush is a narrow river, and therefore best suited for use of single or troutspey rods. However, there are several runs where you can use a two-handed rod.
  • Reels – nothing fancy needed here – you’ll be fighting fish by stripping, not on the reel.
  • Lines – floating lines are most versatile for fishing on the Nush. If you bring one line for each rod, a NEW weight forward floating line is the best choice. Sinking lines with a short sink tip can also be very effective for more experienced anglers. Do not bring long head or ‘lake’ style sinking lines, as they are just not practical on the Nush.
  • Spares – big fish and fishing hard all take their toll on gear. At minimum, plan to bring a spare rod for the weight you plan to fish the most.
  • Terminal Tackle – we supply leaders, flies and beads. If you are a tier and would like to bring some of your own creations, please do! See the complete list of flies (page 2) compiled by lodge owner, head guide and master tyer Dave Pishko.
  • Personal Fishing Gear – if you would like to fish on your own around camp, a simple wading pack with your personal kit would come in handy. Our guides have nets for you, and all other tools you’ll need.

Summer days
are better...

spent in the bush!

We will keep you daydreaming about your next Alaska trip to Outpost on the Nush.